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Alder, Knotty Mouldings

Alder Moulding

CHARACTERISTICS: USES:  Knotty Alder Trim is seen in a wide variety of residential applications ranging from cabins to high-end homes ORIGINS: Mainly North America including British Columbia, Washington and Oregon BOTANICAL NAME:  Alnus rubra COMMON NAME: Knotty Alder, Red Alder, Alder wood, Knotty Alder Trim COLOR DETAILS: Light Red, Darkens to a richer red color with finish and light exposure. Knotty Alder may have some color variation. CAPABILITES: Our Knotty Alder Trim and Knotty Alder s4s Dimension are made from the best appearance grade Knotty Alder Lumber.  Because of its grain pattern, alder is frequently used as a substitute for walnut and cherry.  Currently knotty alder cabinets and mouldings are very popular in high end homes as well as rustic cabins. We also sell Knotty Alder T&G panels.  Don’t want knots? Try our Superior Alder Mouldings.