Bocote Lumber

Bocote Lumber


USES:  Rifle Stocks, Turnings, Ornamental items
ORIGINS: Central America, Primarily Mexico
BOTANICAL NAME:  Coridia elagnoides
COMMON NAME: Siricote, Cupane, Loro Negro
COLOR DETAILS: Streaky Coloration, Dark Heartwood, Yellow to Grayish sap, Dark Grain
WEIGHT: 5.5-6 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Very Dense, Hard, Finishes Very Nicely.


Bocote Lumber for Sale

Bocote grows in Central America, primarily Mexico.  It’s density and graining make it great substitute true rosewoods such as Cocobolo and Honduras Rosewood.  it is only available in short, narrow pieces relative to other species of wood, making it great for usage for decorative items such as boxes and craft items. Its distinctive coloration and graining finish to a highly polished appearance.