Bubinga Lumber

Bubinga Lumber


USES:  Tables and other Furniture, Bar Tops, Inlays
ORIGINS: West Coast of Africa primarily Ivory Coast, Gabon and the Cameroons
BOTANICAL NAME:  Guibourtia spp.
COMMON NAME: African Rosewood, Akume
COLOR DETAILS: Heartwood varies from red-brown to purplish, Off white sapwood
WEIGHT: 5 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Works easily with hand and power tools despite being very hard and dense. Turns and finnishes well. Moderate blunting of saw blades. Pre-drilling needed if nailed.


Bubinga Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest Bubinga Lumber and Slabs from reputable sources insuring the best quality and highest yield for your Bubinga wood project.   African Bubinga is sought after by high-end architectural mill-work companies, furniture manufacturers, artists and instrument makers and is ofter referred to as an African Rosewood, although it is not actually part of the rosewood family.  Bubinga slabsare a favorite for large table and bar tops due to its striking appearance and availability in extremely wide and long live edge boards.  Quartersawn Bubinga is exceptionally stable as well very beautiful.