Canarywood Lumber

Canarywood Lumber


USES:  Furniture, Flooring, Cabinets, Boats
ORIGINS: Central America and Brazil
BOTANICAL NAME:  Centrolobium spp.
COMMON NAME: Porcupine wood, Tarara
COLOR DETAILS: Varies widely from yellow to red. Dark, pronounced grain.
WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Works easily with hand and power tools despite being very hard and dense. Turns and finishes well. Moderate blunting of saw blades.


Canarywood Lumber for Sale

Although technically not a rosewood, Canarywood shares many traits with the much more expensive dalbergias.  Canarywood finishes to a high polish and its density, unique coloration, and grain patterns create a rosewood look at a fraction of the price.  The availble lengths and widths are far superior to rosewood making it a good wood for use in furniture, boat interiors, as well as in flooring.