Cherry Lumber

Cherry Lumber


USES:  Mouldings, Cabinets, Furniture, Flooring
ORIGINS: North America primarily Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin
BOTANICAL NAME:  Prunus serotina
COMMON NAME: Black Cherry
COLOR DETAILS: Sapwood is creamy white, Heartwood is Red. Color is a more consistent pale red in Pennsylvania, New York region and a darker red and wilder grain in the Great Lakes Region
WEIGHT: approx. 3.2 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Works easily, finishes beautifully. Glues up and takes stain well.


Cherry Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest Cherry Lumber from Pennsylvania (or northern cherry upon request) insuring not only consistent  quality but high yielding lumber as well.  One of the main considerations if you want to buy cherry lumber is clarity and color.  The clearest standard grade for cherry lumber is FAS-Select-Prime, all 3 of these grades require 83 1/3% or better clear face cuttings.  Color is determined by the percentage of red heartwood on the face and in some cases the reverse side of the board.