Cocobolo Lumber

Cocobolo Lumber


USES:  Musical Instruments, Decorative Uses
ORIGINS: Central America, Primarily Mexico
BOTANICAL NAME:  Dalbergia retusa
COMMON NAME: Granadillo, Rosewood
COLOR DETAILS: Deep Red-Orange with Dark Striping
WEIGHT: approx. 5.5 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Difficult to glue due to oil content, machines well and finishes beautifully. Very dense wood.


Cocobolo Lumber for Sale

Cocobolo is a rare dalbergia or rosewood that comes from Central America.  It is sought after for use in decorative items such as jewelry boxes and knife handles due to its heavy graining, varying coloration and it’s ability to finish to a high polish.  Cocobolo lumber is narrow and short when compared to most hardwood species.  It is usually put up as 3″ and wider and 3′ and longer with vey limited availability over 6″ wide or 6′ long.