Cumaru Lumber

Cumaru Lumber


USES:  Decking, Flooring, Doors, Architectural Millwork, Tool Handles
ORIGINS: Mainly Brazil
BOTANICAL NAME:  Dipteryx odorata
COMMON NAME: Brazilian Teak, Tonka
COLOR DETAILS: Variable color from earth tones to dark red
WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs per B.F. kiln dried. Cumaru is typically kiln dried down approximately 12%.
WORKABILITY: Difficult to work with, glues poorly, carbide tips recommended due to extreme hardness of Cumaru


Cumaru Lumber for Sale

Cumaru is a South American Hardwood that is very dense, very hard and has a natural resistance to decay making it a great hardwood to use outdoors.  It is used in decking and flooring as well as architectural woodwork.  Cumaru is also know by the nickname Brazilian Teak even though it is not botanically related to teak it does share a slight resemblance (although it is much more varied in color) as well as it’s ability to be used for outdoor applications.  Typically it is difficult to find thicker stock in kiln dried material.