Honduras Rosewood Lumber

Honduras Rosewood Lumber


USES:  Musical Instruments, Decorative Uses
BOTANICAL NAME:  Dalbergia stevensonia
COLOR DETAILS: Varied colors from dark pink to purple
WEIGHT: approx 6 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Difficult to glue due to oil content, machines well and finishes beautifully.


Honduras Rosewood Lumber for Sale

Honduras Rosewood grows only in Belize, also known as British Honduras.  It is a Dalbergia making it a true rosewood so the name Honduras Rosewood is an accurate name.  Similar to other rosewoods it is a rare hardwood that is available primarily in short narrow pieces, 3 foot to 5 foot lengths and 3 inch to 7 inch widths.  The primary use for Honduras Rosewood is in high end marimba’s, but it is also used for small decorative items such as jewelry boxes.