Mahogany Lumber

Mahogany Lumber


USES:  Boat Building, Furniture, Architectural Millwork, Doors, Musical Instruments
ORIGINS: South America primarily Brazil, Bolivia and Guatemala
BOTANICAL NAME:  Swietenia macrophylla
COMMON NAME: Genuine Mahogany, Hounduran Mahogany, South American Mahogany
COLOR DETAILS: Rich, Red- Brown. Darkens with Light Exposure
WEIGHT: approx 3.4 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Excellent Workability, Gluing, Finishing, Ripping ect..


South American Mahogany Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest South American Mahogany, also called Genuine Mahogany,from reputable sources insuring not only the best quality, but also the highest yield.  We recognize each customer, each job is unique.  Random width and length, rough lumber works in some cases, but other jobs require surfacing, ripping or s4s (dimensional hardwood lumber),  specific pulls or sorts based on width, length, grain pattern, surfacing, and other wood characteristics.