Makore Lumber

Makore Lumber


USES:  Furniture, Flooring, Cabinets, Boats
ORIGINS: West Coast of Africa primarily Ivory Coast, Gabon and the Cameroons
BOTANICAL NAME:  Tieghemella spp.
COMMON NAME: African Cherry, Douka
WEIGHT: approx. 3.9 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Makore dust can cause severe allergic reaction, use of respirator is highly recomend. Finishes and glues well. Blunting of blades common due to silica content of the wood.


Makore Lumber for Sale

Makore is also known commonly as African Cherry, which seems to be more about marketing than any actual relation to American Cherry.  Makore is a deeper darker red and is much harder and denser than actual cherry lumber.  Makore finishes beautifully making it a favorite for boat interiors, cabinets, and furniture.  When working with Makore use of respirators is recommended as the dust has been know to cause allergic reactions in some people.