Myrtlewood Lumber

Myrtlewood Lumber


USES:  Turnings, Bowls, Table-Bar Tops, Flooring
ORIGINS: Oregon and California Coastal Ranges
BOTANICAL NAME:  Umbellularia californica
COMMON NAME: Myrtle, Laurel, Acacia
COLOR DETAILS: Varies creamy white to light tan sapwood. Brown-Gray-Olive color palette can be found in the heartwood.
WEIGHT: approx 3.2 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Works well and finishes to a high polish.


Myrtlewood Lumber for Sale

Myrtlewood grows in the Pacific coast region of southern Oregon and areas south throughout the coastal ranges of California. It is a strong, dense wood prized for its wide array of colors and figure common to the specie.  Our Select & Better Grade is the clearest board or graded for a minimum of 84% clear face cuttings.  This grade will have the least amount of color and knots.  We also offer a rustic grade Mytlewood in 4/4 which yields a minimum of 70% plus, sound-rustic cuttings and is ideal for flooring.  Our “Fancy” Myrtlewood is produced to have the most color variation and/or figure inherent in the specie and will have approximately 70% + clear face cuttings.  We also offer a mill run Myrtlewood in 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 thickness.