Red Oak Lumber

Red Oak Lumber


USES:  Furniture, Flooring, Cabinets, Mouldings, Doors
ORIGINS: Throughout North America, especially in North East and Northern Central U.S.
BOTANICAL NAME:  Quercus spp.
COMMON NAME: pin oak, northern red oak, swamp oak…
COLOR DETAILS: Pink to Wheat to Dark Reddish-Brown Heartwood, Light Tan Sapwood
WEIGHT: approx. 3.7 lbs per B.F.
WORKABILITY: Machines, Glues and Finishes Well.


Red Oak Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest Red Oak Lumber from the northern and Appalachian regions of the U.S.  As a general rule the farther north (or higher the elevation) the red oak tree grows the more consistent the color of the lumber produced.  Red oak hardwood contains many sub-species under the general heading of red oak making it the most abundant hardwood species harvested in the U.S.  It is readily available as plain sawn or as rift and quartered lumber.  It is fairly slow drying, making thicker lumber such as 12/4 and 16/4 more difficult to find.