Spanish Cedar Lumber

Spanish Cedar Lumber


USES:  Humidors, Millwork, Indoor and Outdoor applications such as Siding and Pergolas
ORIGINS: Central and South America
BOTANICAL NAME:  Cedrela odorata or Cedrela fissilis
COMMON NAME: Spanish Cedar, Cedro
COLOR DETAILS: Heartwood is pinkish to reddish brown when freshly cut, darkening over time
WEIGHT: Approximately 3.1 lbs. per board foot kiln dried
WORKABILITY: Good nailing and gluing properties; stains and finishes well but oils can bleed over time


Spanish Cedar Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest Spanish Cedar Lumber from South America insuring consistent, high yielding lumber.  Spanish Cedar wood has the rare ability to regulate moisture which makes it highly sought after for cigar humidors. Spanish Cedar hardwood is becoming increasing difficult to procure and the long lengths that used to be easy to find are becoming a thing of the past.  Recently African plantation grown Spanish Cedar has become available, but it tends to have more pin knots than the naturally grown South American variety that JW Hardwoods offers.  Botanically Spanish Cedar is a member of the meliaceae or Mahogany family, which explains it’s durability for outdoor applications.