Wenge Lumber

Wenge Lumber


USES:  Flooring, Furniture, Specialty Items.
ORIGINS: West Africa, primarily Congo, Tanzania and Mozambique
BOTANICAL NAME:  Millettia spp.
COMMON NAME: Panga Panga
COLOR DETAILS: Dark Brown. Can have yellow-gold fleck after planing.
WEIGHT: approx 4.9 lbs per
WORKABILITY: Can be difficult to work with due to hardness, density and interlocking grain. Can be difficult to glue. Pre-drilling recommended for screwing and nailing. Finishes well. Can blunt blades due to hardness. Slower matching speeds recommended.


Wenge Lumber for Sale

Wood Vendors supplies only the finest African Wenge Lumberselected for the highest yield possible. Wenge hardwood is commonly available as flat sawn and quartersawn lumber in 4/4 thickness.  Thicker Wenge can be difficult to source, but generally Wood Vendors has some availability in thicknesses up to 8/4 in Wenge.  Wenge is prized for it’s dark color that finishes with a deep appearance that other woods cannot mimic.