Yellowheart Lumber

Yellowheart Lumber


USES:  Cabinets, furniture, veneers, inlays, marquetry
ORIGINS: Lower Amazon (Brazil)
BOTANICAL NAME:  Euxylophora paraensis
COMMON NAME: Pau Amarello
COLOR DETAILS: Heartwood is bright yellow, darkening slightly on exposure to sunlight
WEIGHT: Approximately 5 lbs. per BF kiln dried
WORKABILITY: Glues easily and sands to a high polish. Janka hardness approximately 1800


Yellowheart Lumber for Sale

JW Hardwoods provides only the finest Yellowheart lumber from reputable sources insuring not only great quality lumber, but the highest yield.  The specie is sometimes referred to as “Satin Wood” however, it generally lacks the strong grain figure that is common and expected in Satinwood.  Yellowheart is generally sold as lumber and is quite inexpensive for an imported specie and is one of the most consistent and vibrant Yellow colored species of wood available in the commercial market.